Apollo Balanced Fund

This fund invests in a well balanced portfolio comparing of quoted shares in the NSE and secure high interest bearing investment. The diversification boosts returns by providing a cushion during a down turn in one asset class

It is suitable for investors looking for medium to long term growth of their capital with a 3-5 year investment horizon

Based on objectives of the clients who do not want the hassle of investing in a variety of products that need to be re-balanced at regular intervals are advised to invest in this fund in order to derive ‘the best of both worlds’.

The minimum lump sum investment is Kes. 1,000 with additional top-ups of Kes. 1,000. Regular voluntary top-ups can be made by cheque, direct cash deposit, direct debit order or standing order & M-pesa.

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A 4 % one-off charge known as an “initial/upfront fee” as well as a management fee of up to 2% annually.

upfront fees do not apply for switches between Apollo Equity Fund and Apollo Balanced Fund

The price of shares and the income therefrom is the collective investment scheme pays dividends, may go down as well as up: and investors are reminded that in certain specified circumstances their right to redeem their shares may be suspended .

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