Femina Plus is an innovative product that improves access to affordable wellness solutions and health protection for women. The product provides for access to screenings for breast and cervical cancer and HPV vaccinations. Additionally, it offers protection in the form of a cash benefit in the event of a positive diagnosis for breast, cervical or ovarian cancer.

Important Facts

  1. Women’s cancers are among the leading causes of critical illness and death in Kenya.
  2. Early diagnosis through regular screenings allows for better treatment and improves chances of survival.
  3. HPV vaccinations reduce the risk of cervical cancer by more than 90%.

Product Details

  1. Every Femina Plus member has three options to choose from.
  2. Every Femina Plus member can be covered for the Silver benefits without screening. Members who have undergone screening for cervical and breast cancer and have a negative screening result, can access the Gold and Platinum benefits.
  3. Every Femina Plus member is paid a cash benefit in case of a positive breast, cervical and/or ovarian cancer diagnosis according to the benefits summary below (exclusions apply). The benefits payout will be based on the stage of diagnosis.
  4. Screening and vaccination costs will be deducted from the total benefits limit

Benefit Limits

All amounts in Ksh Silver Gold Platinum
Stage 1 300,000 450,000 600,000
Stage 2 1,000,000 1,500,000 2,000,000
Stage 3 1,250,000 1,875,000 2,500,000
Stage 4 600,000 900,000 1,200,000

Premium Structure

All amounts in Ksh Monthly Annually
Silver 500 6,000
Gold 1,000 12,000
Platinum 1250 15,000
All amounts in Ksh Silver Gold Platinum
Health Services Vaccination Yes Yes Yes
Screening Yes Yes Yes
Health Advice Yes Yes Yes

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