This policy indemnifies the Insured against any sums for which the Insured becomes legally liable as a direct result of any negligent act, error or omission made by him during the performance of his duties as a professional man/woman (e.g. engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, etc.). Indemnity will be provided in accordance with the limits, conditions, and activities defined in the policy. The relevant proposal form has to be completed by the client and be submitted to the Insurers for proper assessment of risk.

Our main products include:

1. WIBA Compliant Group Life

2. School Combined

3. Tour Operators Combined

4. Bankers Blanket

5. Stock Floater (F,T,GIT)

6. Office And Business Combined

This is a combined peril policy that provides comprehensive insurance cover against risks faced by entrepreneurs.

The policy provides covers for the following risks:
  1. Loss or damage to property including money.
  2. Loss of profits.
  3. Accidental bodily injuries to the entrepreneur and employees.
  4. Claims for bodily injury by accident or disease sustained by employees in the course of employment as provided under the Work Injury Benefits Act 2007.
The policy provides covers for the following risks:
  1. Business premises: Shops.
  2. Offices.
  3. Restaurants.
  4. SME: Light industries.

Main Features for Office And Business Combined include:

Fire and Peril

The section covers the risks of fire, lightning, and explosion. The policy is enhanced to cover additional perils such as earthquakes, malicious damage, floods, riots, and strike.

Fire Consequential Loss

The section covers the Loss of Profits, Increase in Wages and Auditors’ fee as a result of Business Interruption arising from the risk of Fire.

Political Violence & Terrorism

Loss or damage caused by unlawful use of violence against the government or civilians for political reasons, civil commotion, sabotage, and Terrorism.


This covers loss or damage as a result of visible forcible and violent breaking into or out of the premises or any attempt thereat. Mandatory warranties: Watchman warranty, Safe and Books clause.

All Risk

This covers loss or damage (except as excluded in the policy) to specified items of personal or delicate nature. It includes accidental loss and has a worldwide territorial scope. It includes items such as Laptops, Computers, Cameras, TVs, Mobile phones, Watches, Jewelry, Microscopes, Typewriters, Medical equipment, Tablets, Ipods, etc.

Goods in Transit

This provides cover for loss or damage to various types of goods caused by fire, theft, or accidental means while in transit by road, rail or any inland waterway within the geographical area set out in the policy. Cover extends to include temporary storage or the housing of the vehicle in the ordinary course of transit.


The section covers loss of money (or theft by third parties, not employees) as specified either while in transit or premises during or out of business hours. It also covers damage to safes and/or strong rooms. Mandatory Warranty: Escort warranty, Key clause, Secret clause.

Fidelity Guarantee

The section covers loss of stocks or money by any act of fraud or dishonesty by any insured employee during the policy period of guarantee.

Personal Accident / Group Personal Accident

This will provide monetary payments in the event of bodily injury sustained by the insured and / or his employees. The injury must be caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means subject to the insured limits. The policy offers benefits under the following categories: Death, Permanent Total Disability, Temporary Total Disability, Medical expenses, funeral expenses.

Work Injury Benefit Act

The policy covers claims for bodily injuries sustained by accident or diseases to employees arising out of and in the course of employment as provided under the Work Injury Benefits Act 2007.

Employers’ Liability

This will cover the employer against legal liability under common law for damages and claimants costs related to bodily injury by accident or diseases and directly related to negligence or breach of the common law.

Public Liability

This will cover the entrepreneur from legal liability claims which arise out of his / her negligent acts. Such claims may be in respect of bodily injury or accidental death, Loss or damage to property, Legal expenses.

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