Individual Pension Plan (IPP)

We’ll help you think differently about retirement – more optimistic about tomorrow and confident about taking control. You may see yourself traveling, volunteering or simply spoiling your grand kids. Whatever your plans, we are in your corner.

Our individual pension product is a long-term investment plan that allows you to build a sizeable retirement fund. Your monthly contributions grow exponentially with competitive interest rates.

The plan allows you to first build your retirement income by making regular contributions during your working life. On attainment of your selected retirement age, APA Life will pay your accumulated retirement benefits in accordance with the option selected at the inception of the policy.

Why the Individual Pension Plan cover?

  • Member’s contributions and accumulated earnings are guaranteed against impairment by investment loss at a Minimum guaranteed interest of 4%.

  • Offers Bonus returns in addition to guaranteed interest.

  • Investments risk borne by APA thus no risk to member.

  • Flexibility of contribution and withdrawal.

  • Collateral for mortgage on up to 60% of member’s fund.

  • Offers no costs of joining or administering the fund.

  • The power of Compounding with APA

    APA has averaged 10% net investment returns over the last 10 years. The competitive historical returns are primarily driven by our value investments that guarantee preservation of member’s benefits. At the 10% return, a savings of Ksh 1,000 during a member's active work life of 35 years compounded monthly will grow by more than eight (8) folds under the APA Individual guaranteed Savings Plan.

    The table below illustrates the projected benefits at retirement based on the guaranteed returns and average investments returns

    Current Age Years of scheme membership Monthly contribution Accumulated contribution at retirement APA projected average return Retirement benefits at guaranteed returns (4%) Retirement benefits average returns (10%)
    25 35 1,000.00 420,000.00 10.00 % 916,776 3,828,276
    25 35 2,000.00 840,000.00 10.00 % 1,833,553 7,656,553
    25 35 4,000.00 1,680,000.00 10.00 % 3,667,106 15,313,106
    25 35 5,000.00 2,100,000.00 10.00 % 4,583,883 19,141,383
    25 35 6,000.00 2,520,000.00 10.00 % 6,417,436 22,969,660
    25 35 8,000.00 3,360,000.00 10.00 % 7,334,213 30,626,213
    25 35 10,000.00 4,200,000.00 10.00 % 9,167,767 38,282,767
    25 35 20,000.00 8,400,000.00 10.00 % 9,167,767 38,282,767
    25 35 20,000.00 8,400,000.00 10.00 % 18,335,534 76,565,534


    All members will receive an annual benefit statement that updates on the accumulated value of their retirement savings The statement will include the members opening balance, contributions for the year, investment returns, and Closing balance of the fund.


    All withdrawals are processed as provided for in the Retirement Benefits Act.
    On exit from the scheme, current legislation allows a member to;
  • Transfer accumulated benefits to another individual pension plan.
  • Transfer accumulated benefits to new employer’s retirement benefits plan scheme.
  • Access his/her entire accumulated benefits and fifty percent of the employer’s accumulated benefits (if any) with the remaining 50% employer benefits deferred until retirement.

  • Governance

    A professional independent corporate board of trustees ensures good governance in the management of the Scheme
    Members’ interest is protected through compliance with all existing legislation with regards to the schemes.

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