There are two common threats to women’s lives today – Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. In most cases, these two are rarely diagnosed in time and when they are, considerable damage/harm may be in the offing.

However, with proper management, one can lead a normal and stress-free life. It is a cash benefit for any policyholder diagnosed with either Breast or Cervical Cancer.

Specifically developed for today’s woman, it does not require any checkups before signup, just a simple application form and one is covered.

Facts about breast/ cervical cancer :

  1. Anybody can get breast/ cervical cancer.
  2. It affects women and men of all ages, race and social classes.
  3. There are no known causes of breast cancer.
  4. Having one or more of the risk factors associated with breast/ cervical cancer does not necessarily mean one will develop the disease.
  5. Men do get breast cancer.
  6. Mastectomy does not affect a woman’s sexuality.
  7. Breast cancer is curable if detected early.
  8. Surgery for removal of cancerous lumps does NOT lead to fatality.

OPTION BENEFIT 20-29 yrs 30-39 yrs 40+
A Kshs 250,000 /= Kshs 1,000 /= Kshs 1,550 /= Kshs 2,000 /=
B Kshs 500,000 /= Kshs 1,950 /= Kshs 3,000 /= Kshs 3,950 /=

In the event of a claim?

Immediately inform APA through our 24-hour helpline 0722 200 100/ 0734 600 577 or email or medical@apainsurance. org and your account handler will be ready to assist you.

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