Aviation Cover

APA Aviation insurance will provide coverage for hull losses or damage, liability for passenger injuries and third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents.


Airport/Products Risks:

  • Airport liability
  • Covers all sizes of airports - from a private strip with 20 movements a year to a large commercial airport with over 50,000 movements.
    Cover can incorporate:
  • Control Tower Liability - typically the control of ground movements of aircraft/traffic, take-off and landing control and control of the surrounding airspace (typically +/- 5 miles and 5,000 feet.)
  • Air Traffic Control - All operations, including control of over-flights in designated areas. ATC Policy to be discussed later.
  • Security -To be discussed later.

  • Refueling Liability
  • Covers the legal liability for bodily injury, property damage (and can be extended to include grounding liability) arising out of the refining, sale, and delivery of aircraft fuel. This coverage encompasses airport premises and product liability exposure.

  • Airside Premises Liability
  • Covers the legal liability arising out of the use of vehicles at airports.

    Aircraft Risk

  • Aviation Hull & Liability
  • Aviation Hull and Liability Insurance cover for any type of aircraft, from glider to commercial airliner. It is specifically designed to protect against loss or damage to your aircraft; and against a third party or passenger liability arising from an accident.

  • Hanger Keepers
  • Hangar keepers insurance is a specialized type of liability coverage created for owners of airplane hangars who allow third-parties to keep their planes in their care. For example, an FBO who offers parking and storage services to clients faces liability risks if a client’s airplane is damaged while it is being kept in his hangar.

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