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callREACH US ON : O20 286 2000    Contact Centre: 0709 912 777

Apollo Money Market Fund


This is a short to medium term investment product that aims to give  a reasonable rate of interest  while preserving capital and offering liquidity. The fund is suitable for investors seeking an alternative to a fixed bank deposit. The minimum lump sum investment is KES. 10,000 and additional top ups of KES.2,000 can be made  thereafter . Regular voluntary top upscan be made by cheque, direct cash deposit, direct debit order or standing order.

The principal investments in this is fund are short term (usually less than 1year) instruments like bank deposits, commercial papers and Government treasury bills


There is no initial fee and an annual management fee of up to 2% is charged.

Rate declared will be net of management fee charges. Withholding tax will apply.

The price of shares, and the income therefrom is the collective investment scheme pays dividends, may go down as well as up: and investors are reminded that in certain specified circumstances their right to redeem their shares may be suspended 

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