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callREACH US ON : O20 286 2000    Contact Centre: 0709 912 777

Apollo Equity Fund


This fund aims to generate long-term capital growth through investment in quoted equities and by investing in  a diversified range of e stocks across several sectors..

The fund is suitable for investors with a higher risk profile seeking long-term capital growth and is recommended for those with an investment horizon of at least 5 years.

The main investment in this fund is predominately in  shares of companies, showing strong potential for growth, that are listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. The minimum initial investment is Kes.10,000 with additional top ups  of Kesh. 5,000 at the investor’s discretion. Regular voluntary top ups can be made by cheque, direct cash deposit, direct debit order or standing order.


A 5 % one off charge known as an “initial/upfront fee” as well as a management fee of up to 2% annually.

The price of shares, and the income therefrom is the collective investment scheme pays dividends, may go down as well as up: and investors are reminded that in certain specified circumstances their right to redeem their shares may be suspended.


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