REACH US ON : O20 286 2000    Contact Centre: 0709 912 777 call
callREACH US ON : O20 286 2000    Contact Centre: 0709 912 777

Get APA Family cover designed to make you and your family happy. Let's get you started today.

APA Family Health Cover

Reliable, affordable and secure. This is APA’s Family cover, a product designed to insure your family’s health and happiness.

With its comprehensive features, this plan caters to everyone in your family, from a term baby born at 38 weeks to an adult 80 years of age.

We cover inpatient care for pre-existing, chronic, congenital and HIV/AIDS related conditions, as well as cancer treatment, organ transplant, lodger fees, and accidental dental/reconstructive surgery. Optional benefits include outpatient care, maternity, dental, optical, personal accident benefit and last expense.

We are where you want us to be. With our wide provider network countrywide, and overseas inpatient benefit, you never have to look further.

There is no regret, when you are under our wings.