REACH US ON : O20 286 2000    Contact Centre: 0709 912 777 call
callREACH US ON : O20 286 2000     Contact Centre: 0709 912 777

This is our promise to you, our clients.

  1. We will acknowledge/respond to your queries received from various platforms within the timelines listed below:
Source Response Time
Email queries Within 24 hours
Phone Calls Immediately where possible, within 24 hours in case of need for further engagement
Letters Within 3 working days
Walk in clients Within 15 minutes
Website and Social media (Facebook and Twitter) Within 1 hour
N/B: The hours/days relate to working days


  1. We will ensure our staff are trained to provide you with all the information you need to select the insurance cover that best meets your requirements.
  2. We will provide a quotation within 1 day of receipt of all information for straightforward policies and within communicated timelines for tenders.
  3. We will have a dedicated staff member to assist you through the underwriting/claims management/ asset management process and any other stage of your interaction with us.
  4. We will settle all valid claims and withdrawal requests within relevant communicated timelines. The timelines will be communicated during the acknowledgment of the claim/ withdrawal requests.
  5. We will acknowledge receipt of all complaints within 24 hours and keep you appropriately informed of the progress up to closure of the same.

Our Request to you

  • Treat our staff professionally in all engagements with them
  • Provide us with all relevant information and documents to lodge a complete application
  • Keep us updated of any changes that might affect your policy
  • We appreciate that you will always give us true facts

Contacting us:

In case of any feedback, query or complaint with regards to our service to you, please reach us on any of the below.


Call: +254 20 2862000/ +254 20 3641000

Facebook: APAInsuranceLtd

Twitter: @APAInsurance

Or Visit us at any of our offices around Kenya and in Uganda