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APA Insurance and MicroEnsure introduce affordable hospital and funeral cover for Little Cab Drivers in Kenya

Little Cab drivers can now access affordable insurance cover for hospitalisation and funeral expenses thanks to the MicroEnsure and APA partnership


Nairobi, Kenya3 August 2019 – APA Insurance, one of Kenya’s leading insurer, in conjunction with MicroEnsure, a leading provider of micro insurance in emerging markets,  today announced the launch of an innovative and affordable insurance cover for all Little Cab drivers in Kenya.

By adding the insurance option app to all Little Cab drivers phones, they now have peace of mind with income cover when hospitalised, in addition to cover for funeral expenses.

Speaking during the official launch of the exclusive insurance app, APA Insurance, Chief Executive Officer, Vinod Bharatan said “Through our partnership with MicroEnsure, APA Insurance is bringing affordable health care and funeral cover to Little Cab drivers.  By offering access to these services we improved the lives of the drivers and their families and reduce the overall healthcare costs for everyone.  APA Insurance is committed to providing affordable insurance to all income groups in Kenya.”

Little Cab drivers who are unable to work due to being hospitalised can claim up to KES 2,000 per day.  In addition, the policy also covers funeral expenses up to KES 50,000 upon death of the insured paid to a named beneficiary.

“We are delighted to be partnering with APA to further MicroEnsure vision of providing innovative, ground breaking micro insurance across Africa with products and services that have the power to truly change and improve lives,” said Kiereini Kirika, MicroEnsure, Regional Director, East Africa.

The new cover offers inpatient, post discharge, permanent disability and funeral cover with accessible premiums.

“This product does not only provide benefits, but also offers an easy access for the drivers who are always mobile, including registration, premium payment, and claim submission,” said XX, MD Little Cab.   “This is part of Little Cab commitment to help our drivers to improve their health and wellbeing, as well as that of their family members.  With an affordable premium and easy access to an insurance platform, this partnership will give our drivers the peace of mind that they have coverage.”

The innovative insurance package, for Little Cab drivers, provides valuable financial protection in the event of hospitalisation, accident, and/or death.

The insurance programme is being rolled out nationwide and will be available to all Little Cab drivers with a few clicks on their smart phones.