APA Insurance, walked their way to happiness on Sunday 20th March 2022 to celebrate the tenth World Happiness Day. The inaugural ‘APA Happiness Walk’ took place at Karura Forest from 07:30am and many additional health and fitness activities had been planned. The International Day of Happiness is an annual celebration aimed at helping people around the world to realize the importance of happiness in their lives. It is a chance for everyone to take steps to make themselves and others happier, to reflect on what makes them happy, and explore new ways to be happy. It takes place every year on the 20th of March. Ashok Shah, CEO The Apollo Group said;“We have called it the APA Happiness Walk – not only to celebrate the tenth World Happiness Day - but our aim is to bond communities and bring people from all walks of life together, to improve health and happiness by encouraging all to have relevant health checks, eat healthier and get active.” “With our world facing unprecedented challenges, wellbeing matters more than ever. When we choose to take action to help others, they benefit, we benefit and we set an example of kindness that can ripple out into the world too,” added Shah. Medical professionals were available providing wellness advice as well exercise experts to advice on suitable exercise and fitness programmes. “We want to encourage healthy living by empowering participants to take control of their wellness and develop long-term, sustainable healthy habits – which are good for the individual, good for us as a leading health insurance company and good for society,” added Shah. The International Day of Happiness represents a shift in global attitudes towards wellbeing and the recognition of happiness as a human right. It was established by the United Nations in 2011, and the first ever International Day of Happiness took place in 2012