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Ukarimu Bora

If you are in the hospitality industry then you are in luck because we are at your service. We have a package that makes sure you never worry about providing great service to your patrons. Ukarimu Bora is a unique and customized all inclusive insurance package designed to cater for all insurance needs of Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants. The policy provides a number of covers and has ease of administration.

The product aims at giving a true , packaged policy helping you cover all the classes designed
It is a single policy- helping you avoid the hustle that comes with multiple policies
It is a straight-forward and easy to understand
Discounted premium – all your policies are condensed to one and savings are passed on to you.

What is covered?
1) Property damage
2) Business interruption
3) Loss of money
4) Fidelity guarantee
5) Goods in transit
6) Book debts
7) Public liability
8) Employer’s liability
9) Work Injury Benefits Act

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