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Motor Add+Vantage

Compensation for loss or damage to motor vehicle(s) arising from accidental collision or overturning, fire, theft, or malicious acts and liability to third parties and passenger liability arising out of use of the motor vehicle. This coverage is for personal goods carrying vehicles e.g. pick ups as well as general haulage e.g. trucks and lorries.

Our Add + Vantage Insurance covers:
1) Political violence & Terrorism cover
2) Riots, Strike and Civil Commotion cover
3) Passenger legal liability extension
4) Geographical coverage in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania)
5) Tracking Services
6) Fleet Management
7) Personal Accident cover for driver/loader
8) Excess protector
9) No blame no excess
10) Towing Charges following accident
11) Towing charges following mechanical breakdown
12) Loan Repayment
13) Loss of use
14) Cost of alternative cargo transport after an accident
15) Flexible premium payment arrangements
16) Carrier’s liability.

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