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Index based Weather Insurance

What is covered?

Crop damage as a result of deficit or excesses in weather conditions such as temperature, sunlight, wind speed or rainfall resulting in losses for the Insured during the length of the crop growth cycle up to physiological maturity.

Crop covered

Any crop whose production is affected by weather.

How it works
  1. Weather measurements are taken at the reference automated weather station whose reading represents similar weather in the farmer’s farm where the insured crop is growing. The most common index based weather insurance product in Kenya is for excess rainfall or drought.
  2. Rainfall is measured throughout the season at the farmer’s nearest representative weather station as identified to the farmer at time of purchase.
Insurance Valuation

The insurable value is based on cost of Production; loss expected income or cost of establishment for on exposure unit such as acre or hectare agreed with the farmers.

Basis of Claim Settlement
  1. It is not based on changes in a yield on a farmer’s field, but rather measures changes of weather at his nearest weather station that representative to his farm location.
  2. Payouts are based on weather data received at the local weather station not your own farm.
  3. The policy does NOT cover losses related to: pests, flood, localized storms, hail, temperature or poor farm management.
Key Product Benefits
  1. Payouts are calculated automatically based on millimeter amount in excess or deficit in as measured at automated weather station and the impact of crop production.
  2. For financed clients, the payouts offset against their loan (the amount paid depends on amount of rainfall received)
  3. Payouts come quickly to provide compensation when you need it (after harvest).
  4. Weather insurance can improve sustainability of crop production by giving access to finance for inputs.
  5. Financiers are more willing to offer credit because with weather insurance risk has diminished.

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