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Group Life Assurance

Group life assurance is a yearly renewable cover usually taken out by an employer or organized groups on the lives of the employees and /or members to protect them against the risk of early death.

Scheme Commencement
APA will design a flexible package tailored to suit the needs of the employer or group wishing to take out the cover for their members. Examples of benefit design include:

• A multiple of salary
• A fixed cover/monetary amount for each or different category of employees
Most cover is provided free of evidence of health i.e. for most of the schemes there exists a free cover limit below which no evidence of health is required.
Although free cover limits varies with the size of a scheme and the average sums assured, at APA free cover limit can be as high as KShs.15 Million.

Additional Arrangements (Riders)
To enhance group life assurance policy and ensure the insurance taken out for the lives of the members of a group suits their needs, APA has come up with the following additional covers that can be added to group life policy as riders with no additional medical examination reports required. They are:

 Group Disability Income Insurance
 Critical Illness Benefit
 Group Funeral Expense
 Total and Permanent Disability
 WIBA compliant group life – Specially designed package that is cost effective in helping a Company comply with the requirements of the Work Injury Benefits Act. It offers benefits usually offered under a WIBA policy without restriction to occupation only or set limits and at the same time offer a considerably cheap solution.

Other Free Benefits include
1) Retrenchment
2) Hospital Cash
3) Grief Therapy

Quotation Requirements

To enable us assess your scheme and offer you equitable and competitive premiums (price) we would require the following details.

• Category of employees being included if not all.
• Proposed commencement date of risk
• Number of employees / members of a group including dates of birth
• Total wage bill for employees or desired cover amounts for other groups
• Level of cover required
• Preferred riders

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