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Golfers Insurance

Worry about the game, Our APA Golfers insurance will worry about your equipment

This product covers your golfing equipment  i.e. golfing clubs, bags, trolleys, umbrellas, personal effects , hole in one’ playing in a competition or a friendly game.

Section I-Golfing Equipment

The value or the cost of repairing the Insured’s Golf Clubs, Bags or Bag Carrier or Trolleys (not motorized) as declared to the Company against ALL RISKS whilst in transit to and from or at any Golf Club Premises, the Club House, Caddie Master’s Hut or professional shop for up to Ksh. 160,000.

Section II  – Personal Effects

Loss or damage caused by Fire, Lighting, Thunderbolt, Burglary, Larceny or Theft of or to the Insured’s effects including Apparel in any Golf Club House for up to KSh. 25,000.

Section III  – Third Party Liability

Legal liability arising from claims made on the Insured in respect of accidents caused by the Insured whilst playing or practicing Golf on any Golf Course resulting in:

i) Bodily injury to any person not being a member of the Insured’s family or household or his service (other than persons casually engaged as Caddies).

ii) Damage to property not belonging to or in the charge or under the control of the Insured or of a member of his family or household or of a person in his service.

Provided ALWAYS that the amount payable hereunder in respect of any accident shall not in any case exceed the sum of KSh. 1,000,000.


Section IV  –           Personal Accidents

If the Insured shall sustain accidental bodily injury caused by violent external and visible means whilst playing golf then they shall be covered for the following;

a) Death

b) Permanent Total Disablement

c) Medical Expenses


Section V   –           Hole-in-one

And how about recognizing a great game of golf? The Company will reimburse to the Insured expenses incurred not exceeding KSh. 20,000 should the Insured “Hole-in-One” during actual play but not in practice.

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