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Globetrotter Travel Cover

Business in Barcelona or holiday in Hawaii? Travelling around the globe and exploring the wonders of the world has become easier. Whether on business or pleasure you require some essentials without which your trip would not be complete. One of these is the APA Globetrotter Travel Cover. It provides security for the unexpected emergencies and peace of mind that you will have assistance whenever you travel.

It covers for the following:

  1. 24 Hour assistance
  2. Personal accident
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Personal liability
  5. Travel/Delayed departure
  6. Loss of baggage & documents
Product Benefits
  1. Premiums are paid monthly
  2. Comprehensive cover for every month paid for
  3. Hospitalisation following an accident upto Ksh100,000
  4. Income supplement of Ksh1,000 per day in case of extended hospitalisation following an accident from day 4 to day 10
  5. Includes terrorism and political violence cover
  6. Excess protector
  7. Easy Monthly payments through Cash, M-PESA and other electronic Transfers
  8. Subsidised tracking device.
  9. No blame, no excess
  10. Free windscreen, radio cassette cover

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