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Femina Plan is a cash benefit for any policy holder diagnosed with Breast or Cervical cancer.

  1. The Plan will pay cash on diagnosis.
  2. Does not require any check-up before signing up.
  3. Complete a simple application form and you are covered.
  4. APA Insurance will deliver a cheque at your hospital bed, if necessary.
Breast Cancer facts
  1. Anybody can get breast cancer.
  2. It affects women of all ages, races and social classes.
  3. There are no known causes of breast cancer.
  4. Having one or more of the risk factors associated with breast cancer does not necessarily mean one will develop the disease.
  5. Not all breast lumps are cancerous – only one out of the nine lumps is cancerous.
  6. Cancerous lumps are initially painless.
  7. Men do get breast cancer.
  8. Mastectomy does not affect a woman’s sexuality.
  9. Breast cancer is curable if detected early.
  10. Surgery for removal of cancerous lumps does NOT lead to fatality.
Benefits A: 20-29yrs B: 30-39yrs C: 40+
Kshs 250,000/- Kshs 1,000/- Kshs 1,550/- Kshs 2,000/-
Kshs 500,000/- Kshs 1,950/- Kshs 3,000/- Kshs 3,950/-

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