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Emergency Rescue Card

The APA ER Card is an exclusive insurance card that covers you for treatment in the first 48 hours of a health Emergency. We understand that the first 48 hours are the most crucial and with the need for immediate hospitalisation arising, ER card provides you with that benefit, giving your family and friends time to organise themselves if need be for further stay and treatment in the hospital.

The 48-hour financial relief ER card gives you will also be an opportunity for you to set up alternate arrangements to cater for costs after the insured period.

Advantages of being an ER card holder
  1. Enables immediate admission into any major hospital in the country.
  2. Has no cover limit
  3. Gives an opportunity to seek the best treatment within the first 48 hours.
  4. Pays up to whatever amount is required to cover the treatment costs incurred during the 48-hour period.
ER card does not pay for
  1. Cost incurred due to pregnancy related conditions.
  2. Costs incurred as a result of self-inflicted injuries (e.g. .drug or alcohol)
  3. Expenses in connection with congenital defects
  4. Costs incurred as a result of deliberate exposure to exceptional danger.

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