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Domestic Package

Cover your home and the contents you so love with the APA Domestic Package.

Section A – Buildings

Damage to the private dwelling house or flat including domestic buildings, landlord fixtures and fittings, walls gates and fences all on the same premises.

Section B- Contents

Contents of the residence being a private dwelling house or private flat consisting of furniture, household goods and personal effects for every description the property of the insured or any member of his family normally residing with him and fixtures and fittings the insured’s own or for which he is legally responsible not being landlords fixtures and fittings.

Section C- All Risks

Indemnifies the insured against loss of or damage to the portable items such as Mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc

Section D – Workmen’s Compensation

In the event of any domestic servant sustaining during the currency of the policy bodily injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the cause of employment by the insured, the insured will subject to the terms and exceptions of the policy pay compensation and claimants costs and expenses in respect of such injury and will in addition pay all costs and expenses incurred with its written consent.

Section E – Owners Liability

Any Liability that the insured may be made liable as owner (not occupier) of the premises.

Section F – Occupiers and Personal Liability

Any liability that the insured may be made liable as occupier of the premises. It also covers the insured’s personal liability.

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