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Corporate Health Insurance

APA Insurance offers flexible tailor made corporate products for groups with ten (10) or more employees.

APA has a diversity of covers which include:

  1. Hospitalisation (In-Patient)
  2. Out – Patient
  3. Dental & Optical
  4. Maternity and 1st Caesarian section
  5. Pre existing, Chronic & HIV/AIDS cover
  6. Congenital cover
  7. Group Excess of loss
  8. Emergency Road and Air Evacuation
  9. Funeral Expenses
  10. Critical Illness Benefit
Salient features on our products
  1. Coverage within East Africa
  2. We cover the member, spouse biological and legally adopted children
  3. Flexibility – we are able to tailor make medical packages with the aim of satisfaction to our clients.
  4. Minimal waiting period of 14 days only
  5. Six weeks cover whilst an insured is out of Kenya
  6. Reimbursement Claims settlement within a maximum of 10 working days from the date of receipt of the claim, if properly documented
  7. Emergency cover within Kenya

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