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Bimabamba Motor Cover

The insurance rulebook says that car insurance should be a painful one-time payment. At APA, we have now re-written the rule. You can now pay for your car insurance on a monthly basis, in sync with the rest of your life.

Why Monthly Premium?

  1. Most individuals receive their income monthly and settle their bills
  2. They find difficulty in catering for large one-time payment
  3. Recent increases of Motor insurance rates have almost doubled premiums increasing the burden.
  4. They find it cumbersome to arrange IPF through banks. Monthly premiums will enable them to budget better.
  5. With this arrangement, you pay as you drive.

Product Benefits

  1. Premiums are paid monthly
  2. Comprehensive cover for every month paid for
  3. Hospitalisation following an accident upto Ksh100,000
  4. Income supplement of Ksh1,000 per day in case of extended hospitalisation following an accident from day 4 to day 10
  5. Includes terrorism and political violence cover
  6. Excess protector
  7. Easy Monthly payments through Cash, M-PESA and other electronic Transfers
  8. Subsidised tracking device.
  9. No blame, no excess
  10. Free windscreen, radio cassette cover

Payment Modes available

  1. Cash or Monthly cheques
  2. M-PESA
  3. Airtel Money
  4. Pesa Point
  5. Orange Money

How do I get covered?

  1. Visit our nearest office or contact your insurance intermediary
  2. Complete our easy to fill proposal
  3. Indicate preferred mode of payment
  4. Pay the first premium and drive off with the cover

Need more information? We'd be happy to answer your questions. Please leave us your contacts and we'll get in touch.