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It’s no secret: The cost of education is increasing, and it is therefore important to plan early to provide adequately for your children. The earlier you begin, the more time you give your money to grow and compound to better finance your child’s education. APA Elimu gives you the chance to begin on the right footing.


  1. Survival Benefits: You will receive 100% of the sum assured plus a simple reversionary Bonus (an amount of money added to the maturity benefit) and is computed as a percentage of the sum assured on an annual basis.
  2. Death Benefits: In case of death by accident or illness the full Sum Assured is payable and premiums waived to the end of policy term. On the maturity date, 100% of the Sum Assured plus accumulated bonuses is paid again to the named beneficiary (ies).
  3. Optional Benefits: On payment of additional premium the following additional benefits are available:
    • Total and permanent disability
    • Waiver of premium
    • Medical Reimbursement Rider – In case of an accident leading to the injury and hospitalization of the life asured, the in-patient medical expenses incurred will be reimbursed subject to a maximum of 60% of the sum assured.
  4. Additional Benefits
    • Paid Up and Surrender – The policy will acquire paid up and surrender values after payment of at least 3 full years’ premium.
    • Loans – Loans will also be available within the surrender value of the policy
    • Tax benefit – By law, a 15% insurance premium tax relief will be granted to the policyholder up to a maximum premium of KShs. 5,000 p.m. (KShs. 60,000 p.a.).

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