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AAMC Investment


We offer a wide range of investment solutions whether fixed-income, equity, property and money market investments. We are also adept at wealth management solutions for individuals from financial planning to transition issues.


Armed with the best investment ideas, AAMC seeks to capitalize on the best investment opportunities, long-dated and short-term across the fixed income spectrum. This involves exploiting opportunities along the yield curve


Short-term money market investments in a variety of structures and terms.


Asset allocation, pension solutions and overlay strategies.

At Apollo Asset Management, our investment philosophy is hinged on a flexible investment strategy, allowing portfolio managers to seek the most attractive total return opportunities based on changing market conditions.We approach this investment strategy with three objectives:

Identification of changing market conditions – Intelligence backed by research Adjustment of asset allocations to seek maximum risk-adjusted returns based on changing market conditions – Proactive approach Selection of the most attractive securities within each asset class based on fundamentals and valuations – Focus on returns/yield Investment approach and style

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment goal by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity securities.

The investment advisor uses a value-oriented approach to select those companies with unrecognized or undervalued assets. Such a value approach seeks out companies whose stock prices do not appear to reflect their underlying value as measured by assets, earnings, cash flow, business, or other quantitative or qualitative measurements.

Our Values and Ethics

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